This is Gary Klugiewicz.

Dave Young and I just completed a Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Class for the Park Rangers from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).  These thirty-two (32) instructors came from throughout the United States and represented the decision to create an agency wide communication training program for their organization.   The USACE have been conducting conflict resolution training since 1998.   I have had the pleasure of previously training several of their instructors.   Bill Jackson,  supervisory ranger, was our host for the class held at the Ouachita Project Management Office located in Royal, Arkansas.

Watch the I Phone Video that Dave Young created the shows highlights from the class.

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We had a great time training these highly experienced contact professionals.    Their experience and previous training made this class both easy to teach and beneficial  for both them and us.   The instructors especially like the fact that we conducted fire drills instead of just doing fire talks – we created conflict prevention and management scripts that we practiced to improve skills.  The instructors also like the way that the class is now designed to be taught in its entirety or in modules depending on time available for training.

We also launched the our new Situations Training Drill Activities at this class that analyzed Real World Conflicts in order to answer the importance questions of What to Do?  In this activity, students review real incidents that could have gone better in order to “brainstorm” alternate and, hopefully, more positive outcomes.  While this activity can be performed breaking the class into pairs, it can also be done as a small group and/or full class event.   By analyzing real world events that happened to persons in the class,  the entire class is able to make the “translation” from general conflict situations to agency specific applications.  In debriefing the activity in this class, the instructors commented on the importance of this training in teaching their personnel how to review an incident in order to debrief it in order to improve future performance.  This shared review allowed for a “group think” that enable the entire class to focus on potential solutions.  This sharing allowed the entire class to add additional tools to their conflict prevention and management tool belts.   We use the analogy of adding additional arrows to your quiver.  Everyone felt that they left well armed.

We at Vistelar look forward to the enhancing our relationship with the USACE Park Rangers.    This partnership will be a collaborative effort with all parties involved benefiting from our continued relationship.  Dave and I would like to thank all the instructors who attended for their professionalism and contributions to the success of this class.