This is Dave Young from Vistelar.

Sunday we did a short video with Fox 6 news in Milwaukee.

There was a lot of information shared with the audience in a short amount of time.

Remember that when an active shooter attack occurs that this is not the time to think of what to do.

Preparing in advance is the best step in the right direction.

“Escape, Barricade and Defend” is our program’s foundation.

Escaping from the threat is your first and best option. Escaping has 3 parts:
1. How to get out from where you are?
2. Where to go once out?
3. What to do when you get there?

If escaping is not possible, we recommend Barricading and Defending. We share the criteria on where the best place to go. Before selecting the place to barricade you must think about:
1. Can you see danger coming?
2. Can you defend from this position?
3. Can you escape from there if needed?

When barricading a door to a room you have a few things to consider:
1. Does the door open inwards or outwards?
2. Are there locks and latches on the door?
3. What is the door’s material made of?

If the door opens outwards, you may have to tie off the door to an object or clutter the doorway with items placed in front of the doorway like chairs, filing cabinets, and tables. Even paper and magazines on the floor can hinder the attacker’s ability to enter the room quickly.

If the door opens inwards, you can barricade the door by placing heavier objects directly behind the door to stop the door from opening into the room giving the active shooter access. Placing book shelves, tables, filing cabinets in front of the door, or using a door jam are also options. Whenever possible, avoid using your body to brace the door as bullets can go through doors.

Remember if you have not considered all 3 of these options then you HAVE NOT selected the best location!

And last we discussed weapons. Specifically the unconventional weapons and the selection process for picking the best weapon is simple:
1. What weapon gives you the greatest distance from the threat?
2. What physical ability/skill is needed for you to be effective with the weapon?
3. What exactly are you trying to do? Aren’t you trying to STOP the threat in order to protect yours and others life?

Developing a pre-planned practiced response is the most effective way to increase your survivability.

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