Earlier in the week, I chaperoned a middle school field trip. Part of my job involved transporting 5 kids from school to an end-of-the-year party at the beach.

I turned the music down low enough so I could, of course, eavesdrop.

The conversation turned to the teachers, and then to the administrators of the middle school. When they came around to talking about the assistant principal, some of them started to groan.

“She’s so strict,” one said.

More groaning.

But then, one of the boys came to her defense. His comment made the whole trip worthwhile.

“She’s the only thing keeping me from getting my butt kicked,” he said.

This boy was well aware that without her, he could be the target of bullies. And he was grateful enough to tell a bunch of his peers.

His comment made the whole trip worthwhile. So I turned the music back up and enjoyed the ride.

Kathy Mangold
Former editor of metroparent magazine in Milwaukee, WI
Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor (VerbalDefenseAndInfluence.com)
Mom of kids ages 12, 10 and 7