Watch this video to learn the top 5 best practices for bus operators while they are out in the field where they need to manage conflict at the point-of-impact. Bus operators interact with potentially hundreds of people everyday. Each and everyone of them brings their own unique experiences and situations when they step foot on the vehicle. It is vital for public transit professionals to know how to manage conflict in order to keep everyone, including themselves, safe. Learn how Showtime, Universal Greeting, Communication Alignment, Managing Emotion Equilibrium, and Closure can help non-escalate and de-escalate potentially volatile situations:



“I didn’t realize how much there is to know about contact with the public and preventing/deescalating conflict. Every transit agency needs to give their operators the tools taught in this class. We expect them to be professional and yet don’t give a format for doing this when dealing with upset, violent, intoxicated passengers. This class provides the tools to protect our operators, the public and their agency.” – Margaret Robis, Transit Operator Supervisor, Gold Cost Transit District, Oxnard, CA