The International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI) recently published the November issue of their print newsletter, Parking & Mobility.  The cover announced Vistelar’s partnership with the organization. The featured article inside describes how our customized training program made huge inroads towards increasing the safety of City of Milwaukee (WI) parking enforcement officers.

The piece (starting on page 20) explores the lessons learned by these professionals who encounter potentially hostile situations every day as part of their job. In class they learned many ways to both non-escalate and de-escalate a conversation with a member of the public who is upset about receiving a parking ticket or getting their car towed.

In addition to verbal de-escalation skills, the city also chose to include Vistelar’s physical safety skills into the curriculum to assist their employees in having the right mindset in the event a scenario turns violent. Richard Dolhoff, of the City of Milwaukee, described the goal of this part of the training as twofold: “If it gets to the point where someone is attacking you, our people learn how to deflect the strike and get away.”

The training had the desired result: violent incidents against City of Milwaukee parking enforcement officers went down. The city also realized the potential benefits beyond this segment of workers, as Mr. Dolhoff went on to say: “Parking enforcement is part of the department of public works. We realized this training is needed for our sanitation workers, our water meter technicians, our forestry inspectors. Everybody in public services needs some kind of training like this.”

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