Conflict Management For Contact Professionals

Four Day Instructor School (Train the Trainer)

March 23-27, 2020 — Milwaukee, WI



Class Location

Alverno College

Milwaukee, WI

Course Description

Become a certified instructor of Vistelar’s non-escalation, de-escalation, crisis intervention, and personal protection methodologies that address how to:

  • Provide better customer service
  • Predict, prevent and mitigate conflict
  • Avert verbal and physical attacks
  • De-escalate resistance, anger, and abuse
  • Control crisis and aggression
  • Write up, review, and explain intervention decisions

As a certified Vistelar conflict management instructor, deliver these benefits within your organization.

With “customers:”

    • Increased customer satisfaction and safety
    • Decreased risk/liability and protected reputation
    • Not having a damaging video show up on the Internet

With employees”

    • Increased customer satisfaction and safety
    • Increased safety and confidence in dealing with conflict
    • Reduced workers compensation claims from injuries
    • Improved performance, morale, engagement, and retention
    • Decreased job stress, horizontal violence, and absenteeism

In employee’s personal life:

    • Better relationships
    • Improved mental health and happiness
    • Increased personal safety

This course uses Vistelar’s emotionally safe performance-driven instruction that emphasizes scenario-based skills practice and audio-/video-recorded assessments to ensure students can perform learned skills — in a supportive classroom environment.

Who Should Attend

Trainers who want to be certified to teach Vistelar’s conflict management curriculum (non-escalation, de-escalation, crisis intervention, personal protection) within their organization to contact professionals (e.g., individuals working in customer service, security & loss prevention, healthcare, education, public safety, hospitality, transit, and any other public-facing profession).

Learn How To Train Others To:

  • Engage in a way to not cause conflict or unnecessarily escalate situations (non-escalation)
  • Confidently and professionally deal with questioning, anger, and verbal abuse
  • Participate in difficult conversations and mediate positive outcomes
  • Effectively de-escalate conflict and remain safe in crisis situations
  • Persuade others to cooperate
  • Know what to do and how to do it when resistance or aggression results in physical engagement
  • End an interaction in a better place than where it started
  • Look good on camera no matter where an interaction ends up
  • If necessary, articulate a defense for taking appropriate action



Cancellation Policy

If you are not able to attend, please notify us by email as soon as possible at

Cancellations more than seven (7) business days before the first day of this course will receive a refund of the amount paid minus a $150 administrative fee.

Cancellations between seven (7) and two (2) days of the first day of the course will receive a refund of the amount paid minus a $250 administrative fee.

No refund will be made for cancellations within two (2) days of the first day of the course.

Vistelar reserves the right to cancel this course if there are insufficient registrations and, if that occurs, a full refund of the amount paid will be made.

Please allow two weeks to process any refund.