To explain why the LEAPS Keeps You SAFER 8 to 5 Concept make great tactical sense


The LEAPS keeps you SAFER 8 to 5 Concept in not only a great catch phrase that summarize the fact that Active Listening (LEAPS) combined with knowing when words alone fail and it time to take action (SAFER) in combination when understanding how to best verbally initiate contact (Tactical 8 Step) and how to persuade someone to do something or overcome verbal resistance (Tactical 5 Step).  It also makes great tactical sense.  In the early 1980’s, Calibre Press in the Street Survival Seminar made defensive tactics history by creating one of the great officer survival concepts that dealt with the concept of what was necessary in order for an officer to prepare to properly respond to any tactical situation.  The concept states that Proper Response required that the officer:

(1)   Remain Alert;

(2)   Be Decisive; and

(3)   Have a Preplanned, Practiced Response in Mind.

To summarize, (1) Remaining Alert meant that unless an officer was paying attention to the situation, s/he would never see the threat / assault coming.  (2) Being Decisive meant that the officer was willing, able, and knew when to make a decision to act – or else the other person was in control.  (3) Having a Preplanned, Practiced Response in Mind meant that the officer not only had planned his/her response to this situation but had physically practiced, i.e., trained and maintained proficiency in the skills necessary to carry out his/her plan.  Simple put, if the officer didn’t PAY attention, wasn’t willing to drop the hammer when necessary, and wasn’t able to immediate respond with carefully honed techniques and tactics then the officer was doomed to freeze up, under-react or over-react to the situation.  Proper response requires that you do all three.

This classic, time tested, office safety tactical concept is the basis of the LEAPS keeps you SAFER 8 to 5 Concept.  In verbal situations, LEAPS is how we Remain Alert by Actively Listening to the person we are dealing with.  Once we are truly paying attention to the subject and the situation, we can Be Decisive because we understand and are able to apply the SAFER Concept and know when words alone have failed and action is necessary.  Finally, we will have a Preplanned Practiced Response in Mind because we have honed our Tactical Communication Skills and know and have practices our initial contact with the subject with our Tactical 8 Step and are able to persuade someone or overcome verbal resistance with our Tactical 5 Step or know when to change gears with SAFER is violated.

In short, the application of the LEAPS keeps you SAFER 8 to 5 Concept is how an officer can operationalize verbally the Calibre Press’ Street Survival Seminar Proper Response Requires Concept.

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