Monthly healthcare theme to help address concerns and issues related to healthcare violence

Milwaukee, WI (April 2, 2021) – Vistelar, a Milwaukee-based consulting, training and licensing company that builds respectful and safer environments of care by addressing the entire spectrum of human conflict, today announced the creation of a 2021 healthcare education series focused on addressing concerns that relate to healthcare violence. Vistelar is excited to have started this series in March with Change Management – How to affect change within your system as a senior level security professional. 

The topic of healthcare violence continues to be on the minds of all healthcare professionals and Vistelar will utilize its team and Advisory Board to help provide possible solutions to and options for many concerns in the industry. The information that is created will be delivered via podcasts, articles and webinars and will be made available each month.

“Our goal in 2021 is to bring more awareness and education around healthcare violence. We must continue to work together with our healthcare partners to find solutions that are sustainable and effective, as safety is our number one concern with healthcare professionals and patients,” said Ann Newman, Ph.D., Vistelar’s chief executive officer. “By identifying a new theme each month, we will be able to provide greater detail and insight around issues related to healthcare violence.”

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My immense success with the Vistelar training program in the last years of my tenure in the healthcare space led to me becoming more intimately involved with their success and growth. This stems from my belief that their conflict management training program is the best that I have seen,” says Vistelar’s Chairman of the Board Mike Cummings, CPP. “Throughout the country, workplace violence in healthcare is a significant issue that is in need of high-quality conflict management training.” 

Looking forward, the following themes have been identified for each month:

  • April – Report Writing
  • May – Mental Health Awareness
  • June – Staff Safety
  • July – Interdepartmental Training
  • August – Patient Safety
  • September – Governing Bodies
  • October – Healthcare Security Safety and Violence Prevention
  • November – Workman’s Compensation and HR Related Issues
  • December – Staff Confidence and Therapeutic Communication 

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Vistelar is a consulting and training organization that builds respectful and safer environments by focusing on addressing the entire spectrum of human conflict through delivering our Unified Conflict Management System.