There are only about three more hours to go at our Verbal Defense & Influence first-ever intensive training weekend. Instructors from around the country have been working (and listening) hard.

The real work for everyone will begin once they pack up their bags and head home. Will the techniques they learned over the weekend really change the way they communicate?

Certainly so. Here are a few comments we heard yesterday:

“I thought I’d find some new techniques for teaching this at work; I’ve found that this is a way of life now. It’s universal.”

“My kids will be flabbergasted. These Five Universal Truths are the rules of the house now.”

“The problem isn’t what’s being said (in my department), it’s how they’re saying it … this is going to help me teach them how to narrow down what they did right (and not so right) and how to improve it.”

“I’m realizing we can all change and improve for the better.”

… and finally:
“Lightning has struck here in Milwaukee.”

Good work everyone. Now get to work.