This is Gary Klugiewicz with this week’s Quote of the Week. This quote is called the Sensitivity Card. It was my first quote card created by Michael Paschke who has since retired from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. I used it to create awareness about inappropriate language, actions, and/or subject matter. It begins: “It is my duty to inform you that your behavior is inappropriate.” See the full card posted below. I would give this card to staff members who were starting to cross the line into dangerous territory. It always got a laugh when I dropped the card on a staff member. It did create awareness. In fact, staff members started telling me to “card a person” who was saying or doing something inappropriate. I found that dropping a card on someone was much easier than a long drawn out conversation or, even worse, a report or disciplinary action. Create awareness helps keep everyone safer. For more information about this topic, you can contact me at