This class provides the tools to protect our operators, the public and their agency

“I didn’t realize how much there is to know about contact with the public and preventing/deescalating conflict. Every transit agency needs to give their operators the tools taught in this class. We expect them to be professional and yet don’t give a format for doing this when dealing with upset, violent, intoxicated passengers. This class provides the tools to protect our operators, the public and their agency.”

Margaret Robis
Transit Operator Supervisor
Gold Cost Transit District
Oxnard, CA

Salvation Army of La Crosse County

Click here to read coverage of the Active Shooter program we did at the Salvation Army of La Crosse County in Wisconsin on October 11, 2019:

Salvation Army trains in active shooter response

“Treat everyone with respect.”

Vistelar has been able to boil conflict management down to a simple concept ‘Treat everyone with respect.’  Having this concept at the core of our verbal defense and influence training provides extra tools for our security team members in all areas of their chosen profession.

Charles Willis, Director of Security Training
Caesars Enterprise Services, LLC
Las Vegas, NV

I feel good in knowing that we have provided our staff with quality training that makes them safer

“It is amazing how angry someone can get over a $20 parking citation.  When the fine is higher and the car is being towed, it is even worse.  Enforcing parking regulations provides safe streets and supports businesses and residents in creating parking availability.  It is our duty to give our Parking Enforcement staff, doing this important service, all the tools necessary to be as safe as possible.

Vistelar is uniquely talented to train our staff as they take a holistic approach looking at all aspects of the Parking Enforcement Officer position.  Prior to creating our training program they thoroughly investigated the PEO position individualizing their vast knowledge of customer service and de-escalation techniques specifically to the Parking Enforcement Officer position.

As a Manager I feel good in knowing that we have provided our staff with quality training that makes them safer.”

Richard Dollhopf
Parking Enforcement
City of Milwaukee DPW

It has made me a much better manager, contact professional, and person!

“As a 20 year contact professional, I thought I had tough interactions down to a science. After attending Vistelar’s Conflict Management training, I was amazed at the information I received and know it has made me a much better manager, contact professional and most of all, a better person!”

James Flynn, CLSD
Safety & Security Manager
Marriott’s Grand Chateau

Trainers are engaging, knowledgeable, and committed

“The training provided by Vistelar has empowered staff to focus on safety and further developing their verbal de-escalation skills.   Vistelar developed a robust three day training to prepare staff to serve youth in a new and innovative residential care center.  The Vistelar team truly cares about safety and ensuring staff understand the skills to effectively intervene during a crisis.  The trainers are engaging, knowledgeable, and committed to the staff they are training.  Vistelar has been a wonderful partner!”

Chad Meinholdt
Administrator of Specialized Services
Wisconsin Community Services

Our go-to company for future training!

“The Vistelar conflict management for healthcare professionals training was a needle in a haystack. It is rare to find a training program that incorporates all aspect of human behavior that is innate to an Emergency Department environment. Most training programs are reactionary, teaching nurses and health care staff how to defend themselves against specific behavior and a specific demographic of the population. This program takes a holistic approach and focuses on non-escalation, making it one of the only training programs I’ve reviewed that is proactive rather than reactive.

In today’s culture of increasing violence and aggression, this training was exactly what the doctor ordered! Our Emergency Department staff, EMS personnel, and patients/families are safer and more satisfied than ever before. Vistelar made that possible by allowing their training presentation to be adapted in a meaningful way to the needs of our staff. They worked with us and supported us every step of the way. They will be our go-to company for future training and collaborations! ”

Jessica Decker RN, MSN-ed, TNS 
Emergency Department Clinical Educator
Mercy Health Systems

Everyone left feeling more confident

“The tactics presented by Vistelar were applicable and effective for our industry. Our participants appreciated learning hands-on techniques that they can apply to safely escape or avoid potentially violent situations. Everyone left feeling more confident in their ability to handle those aggressive customer encounters.”

Cindy Campbell
Senior Training & Development Specialist
International Parking  & Mobility Institute

We all loved it

“I wanted to host Vistelar’s conflict management training because in my 30 years of public transportation, I have never seen a more effective training program. Period. From bus operators to administrative staff – this training stuck to their bones. The methods and tenants of this class quickly became part of our culture. It has been 7 years since we received this training and it has lasted the test of time. Both at home and at work, the strategies are not forgotten. WE ALL LOVED IT.”

Phil Moores
Executive Director
Eastern Sierra Transit Authority

We have seen immediate results with its use

“We used Vistelar’s conflict management training within our agency and with our law enforcement community partners including over 135 emergency room  doctors, nurses and registration staff. The goal is to provide consistency of client care entirely through the interaction from law enforcement response to medical care.  We have seen immediate results with its use. In addition, We are called less to emergency rooms for police assistance as a result of staff controlling the client interaction from the point of contact.”

Lt. Timothy Hiers
Janesville Police Department

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