Vistelar’s training and consulting services address how to:

  • Provide better customer service
  • Predict, prevent and mitigate conflict
  • Avert verbal and physical attacks
  • De-escalate resistance, anger, and abuse
  • Control crisis and aggression
  • Effectively manage physical violence


Vistelar recognizes that client and employee experience are inextricably linked – so the emphasis of our training and consulting is on enhancing worker safety in these four areas (P.O.L.E.™):

  • Physical Safety: improved threat assessment and violence prevention
  • Organizational Safety: better job performance, morale, and collaboration
  • Legal Safety: protection from personal liability, career pitfalls, and damaged reputation
  • Emotional Safety: improved relationships, self-confidence, and quality of life

Benefits For All Stakeholders

With “customers”

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Improved client outcomes
  • Decreased risk and liability
  • Protected reputation

With employees

  • Increased safety
  • Improved productivity and morale
  • More confidence in dealing with conflict
  • Less absenteeism and turnover
  • Better personal relations
  • Fewer workers compensation claims
  • Reduced lateral violence/bullying
  • Less conflict avoidance

In personal life

  • Increased personal and family safety
  • Better family and peer relationships
  • Improved mental health and happiness
  • Greater emotional equilibrium and expression of empathy