The origins of Vistelar date back to the early 1980s when Gary T. Klugiewicz, a nationally known defensive tactics trainer and future co-founder of Vistelar, helped originate Wisconsin’s “unified tactical training” systems (DAAT, P.O.S.C.®).

Since the mid-80s, every police officer, jail/juvenile detention officer, and prison probation/parole officer is trained in these systems. In the mid-90s, he helped developed Professional Communications Skills (PCS), the communications component of Wisconsin’s training system.

Over the last three decades, Gary has implemented this unified tactical training system in scores of law enforcement agencies, correctional institutions, and healthcare/mental health organizations throughout the United States. He also has been a national instructor for Calibre Press’s Street Survival Seminar®, Team One Network, Redman Protective Gear, and PoliceOne. Gary retired from the Milwaukee County Sheriff ’s Department in 2001 after 25 years in service.

In 1992, Gary started working closely with Dave Young, a nationally recognized defensive tactics trainer of law enforcement, corrections, and the military. Gary and Dave worked together for over 17 years before founding Vistelar in 2009.

During this time, Gary and Dave worked with PoliceOne, ILEETA, and Force Science Research, and collaborated with many subject matter experts in the field of law enforcement and healthcare training, such as Robert Lindsey, Daniel Vega, Dr. Kevin Parsons, Charles Remsberg, Bob Willis, Col. Dave Grossman, Jack Hoban, and Jeff Mehring.

Vistelar was founded to enable Gary and Dave to disseminate their comprehensive training programs — that address the entire spectrum of human conflict — to a wider range of disciplines, including healthcare, security, education, public safety, transit, social services, retail, hospitality, customer services, and corrections.

Since the founding of Vistelar by Gary, Dave and business executive, Allen Oelschlaeger, the company has extended its reach, published several books and manuals in its Confidence In Conflict and Conflict Management series, introduced numerous online training programs, and greatly expanded its team of employees, trainers, consultants, advisors, partners, and authorized instructors.