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Nominate your friends and colleagues to learn more about Vistelar and register to earn either $100 up front or 5% commission on whatever they purchase.


  • Is there a limit on what I can earn? Nope. The more you share, the more you earn.
  • If I nominate someone to speak with Vistelar am I guaranteed to earn a payment? Once we receive a submitted referral, we reserve the right to evaluate it to make sure if it is a good fit. Once we have done so, we will notify you.
  • Are there things to consider when submitting a nomination for a referral? The best references will be individuals who are in a position to make a decision about purchasing training for their organization, or have a lot of influence over the people who make those decisions.
  • After I submit my nomination and it is accepted, what happens next? Once you get the green light on your referral we will provide you with an email template. This is used to send to your contact that introduces them to someone on Vistelar’s outreach team. That’s it! All you need to do is sit back and collect your payment.
  • How long after I send out a referral email can I expect payment? If you choose the $100 option you will receive payment within 15 days of the email being sent. If you pick the commission option you will receive 5% of the initial total purchased by your referral 30 days after Vistelar receives payment.