Conflict Management Training & Consulting

Vistelar provides conflict management training and consulting focused on addressing the entire spectrum of human conflict, which is represented by the Six C’s of Conflict Management framework.

This framework provides a comprehensive approach for determining the appropriate conflict-management method to use in any situation where the potential for conflict exists.

Most interactions occur within the blue zone without any conflict. Vistelar’s non-escalation methods should be used when operating in the blue zone with the goal of preventing escalation to the red zone. Vistelar’s de-escalation, crisis intervention, personal protection, and physical alternative methods should be used when operating in the red zone.

The goal should be to keep all interactions in the blue zone and, when they progress to the red zone, return the interaction to the blue zone as rapidly as possible — and then end the interaction on a positive note.

The Six C’s of Conflict Management framework forms the basis of our training and consulting services in these 12 areas:

  • Non-Escalation
  • De-Escalation
  • Customer Service
  • Personal Protection
  • Crisis Interventions
  • Bystander Mobilization
  • Active Shooter
  • Workplace Violence
  • Lone Worker Safety
  • Physical Alternatives
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Weapons Use & Control