Improved Employee Safety and Decreased Liability

Vistelar training and consulting services focus on addressing the entire spectrum of human conflict at the point of impact from before an interaction begins through to the consequences of how an interaction is managed.

We categorize our training and consulting services into twelve areas, with the area of Personal Protection represented by this graphic.

The tactics on this card also apply to the Ask Risk Behavior and Bystander Mobilization areas. You can learn about these two areas and the other nine areas by clicking on a link at the right.

Here is a brief orientation to this graphic.

Keep Yourself And Others Safe is listed first to emphasize the primary objective of the tactics on this graphic.

Be Alert & Decisive and Respond, Don’t React are located on the sides to emphasize that these tactics should be considered at all times prior to and during an interaction.

Safety Mindset and Proxemics 10-5-2 are listed next to indicate that these tactics should be applied in advance of any interaction to prevent physical engagement meant to harm.

If physical engagement occurs, the primary objective is to Escape using any of the escape-tactics listed.

Low-Level Escorts are listed next for those situations where there is a need to secure and relocate the attacker.

Closure is at the bottom of the graphic to indicate that this tactic should always be the final step of any interaction.

The Personal Protection graphic is one component of Vistelar’s Systemized Structure of Tactics, which makes our methodologies easy to learn, remember, apply, and teach. In our training programs, we use these systemized-structure-of-tactics graphics in the form of physical cards that serve as handy reminders of what is taught and practiced in class.