Security & Workplace Violence Consulting

Vistelar’s primary goal is P.O.L.E. (physical, organization, legal, emotional) safety. We accomplish this through a combination of training and consulting services.

Our security and workplace violence consulting are in-person engagements which can include:

  • Security and workplace violence assessments (review and analysis of policies & procedures, environmental & procedural vulnerabilities, physical security, and security personnel staffing)
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Needs assessment for conflict management training (non-escalation, de-escalation, crisis intervention, personal protection, physical alternatives)
  • Lone worker (home health, child welfare, family services, crisis response, home services) safety
  • Active shooter preparedness and response
  • Post-incident review and analysis

A consulting assignment can include such activities as interviewing key staff, touring and observing operations during all shifts, reviewing relevant materials, employee surveys, and benchmarking.

We also can assist with the implementation of our recommendations including the delivery of conflict management training.

Vistelar’s consultants also regularly serve as expert witnesses in legal cases related to conflict management.