Who We Serve

Vistelar services “contact professionals” in such disciplines as healthcare, security, education, public safety, transit, social services, retail, hospitality, and customer service.

“Contact professionals” are those individuals who spend the vast majority of their time directly interacting with the general public or their organization’s clients. These interactions can last from a few seconds to several hours and, during this time, the contact professional is effectively “on stage” and is performing for the person or persons.

Ideally, this performance provides a positive experience for the “customer,” while the contact professional’s primary job duties are being executed.

This is a complicated process and requires a meshing of quite unrelated skills. In addition, Tcontact professionals must deal with two unique realities of their jobs:

  1. Their every move is likely being video recorded by a surveillance camera or a portable phone. Therefore, if an interaction goes poorly, it might get displayed for all to see on social media or the evening news.
  2. Their interactions are with people they don’t know in a wide range of environments, which puts them at risk of emotional harm and/or physical violence

To be effective, contact professionals must be competent at:

  • Their primary job duties
  • Sounding, looking, and responding in ways that provide a positive experience for their “customers”
  • Looking professional on camera at all times to protect their reputation
  • Preventing interactions from escalating and staying safe

In other words, being a “contact professional” is a tough job which, to do well, requires very specific training. It is this type of training that Vistelar provides.

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