• Choose from a wide range of content-response training programs
  • Selected content courseware provided in digital form
  • Lower long-term costs — e.g., print your own workbooks, no additional expense for new employees, no instructor recertification requirement, create your own instructors
  • Infinite flexibility — train staff, customize training materials, reproduce printed materials, develop online programs, create instructors — without additional fees
  • Initial license includes licensee-selected combination of end-user training, instructor-authorization, advanced instructor development, consulting, and curriculum-development services
  • Multiple options for ongoing sustainment of training program


Vistelar is a training and consulting institute focused on addressing the entire spectrum of human conflict — from non-escalation to stopping the threat. Our deep expertise spans all elements of conflict management, including non-escalation, de-escalation, crisis intervention, personal protection, active shooter, and the entire range of physical alternatives.

Vistelar’s methodologies have been proven in the real-world for over thirty years and are the subject of several books and training manuals in Vistelar’s Confidence in Conflict and Conflict Management series.

We offer our training via books and manuals, e-learning, speaking engagements, workshops, and train-the-trainer instructor schools — using both in-person and online methods of instruction.

We also offer a Content Licensing Program that’s a unique approach to taking full advantage of Vistelar’s intellectual property.

With this program, clients benefit from increased flexibility and reduced costs in scaling Vistelar’s world-class conflict-management curriculum throughout their organization.

The Vistelar Content License Program grants access to Vistelar’s proprietary content within a defined “territory” for a single license fee. The “territory” is described in terms of geographical location (e.g., all of U.S., selected states), departments (e.g., entire organization, particular departments), and buildings — with all employees within the “territory” covered by the license. The license covers all future employees in the “territory” so there’s no additional expense for training new hires resulting from organizational growth and/or employee turnover.

Using the licensed content, clients can develop instructors, train staff, reproduce printed materials, customize courseware, and create online programs — for the duration of the license. This flexibility enables clients to modify the performance and/or display of the licensed content to optimally fit their historical practices, culture, policies and procedures, defined rules of engagement, and unique environments/applications — as long as the content’s fidelity isn’t compromised.

Vistelar’s innovative Content Licensing Program is unique in the marketplace and is customizable to fit the specific needs and budget of any organization.

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