Our conflict management training is delivered via published booksspeaking engagements, in-person workshops, train-the-trainer schools, and a unique content-licensing program — using both live and online methods of instruction.

Graduates of our train-the-trainer schools are authorized to teach the subject matter of the course within their organization.

In our train-the-trainer schools, students develop an in-depth understanding of the subject matter of course. Then, for the instructor-development elements, we use the same training methods as in our Advanced Trainer Skills For Contact-Professional Instructors course but with more emphasis on the application of adult learning theory to teaching the specific subject matter of the course (versus theory understanding).

 We offer train-the-trainer schools in these six subject-matter categories:

Our most popular train-the-trainer school is Conflict Management for Contact Professionals which is meant for trainers of individuals who spend the vast majority of their time interacting with the public or an organization’s clients. We deliver this course to such disciplines as healthcare, security, education, public safety, transit, social services, retail, hospitality, and customer service.