When Vistelar was formed, the founders had two goals: 1) Deepen the company’s conflict management expertise, 2) Extend its training and consulting services to more disciplines

Over the years, these goals have led to an ever-expanding network of employees, trainers, consultants, speakers, advisors, and partners (note: the meaning of Vistelar is “power of the network”).

Vistelar’s Training Partners


National Retail Federation

In 2016, NRF contacted Vistelar after surveying its membership and learning that one of the main concerns for retail managers was escalating conflict.  Subsequently, we partnered with NRF to develop a custom manual and online course that addresses the growing need for effective conflict management in retail settings. Since then, Vistelar has presented at NRF’s annual conference and trained retail loss prevention professionals in stores of every size.


International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training

In 2018, Vistelar’s four-day Non-Escalation/De-Escalation Instructor school achieved National Certification Seal of excellence as part of IADLEST’s certification program for continuing education of law enforcement professionals. The standards that the course meets satisfies or exceeds the minimum requirements in 35 states. This ensures that the hours are guaranteed to be accepted by all participating POST organizations.


International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators

Vistelar is an official corporate partner of IACLEA. Vistelar regularly contributes valuable content to the organization and supports the organization through its sponsorship. Members receive the latest updates from Vistelar and discounts on Vistelar’s training and products. We have provided training to campus law enforcement professionals across the country and regularly present at IACLEA’s annual conference.


International Parking & Mobility Institute

In 2019, Vistelar became the preferred conflict management training vendor for IPMI.  Our combined verbal and physical two-day training session is the focus of IPMI and their parking ambassadors as they strive to provide better training to help keep their members safer in all environments.


Contact Professional Training Simulators

VirTra is a global provider of training simulators for the law enforcement, military, educational and commercial markets. In 2018, VirTra and Vistelar formed a partnership to jointly develop public safety non-escalation, de-escalation, and crisis intervention training scenarios for use in VirTra’s simulators. These scenarios are scheduled for release during 2019.