Vistelar provides most of its training and consulting services through a large network of employees, trainers, consultants, speakers, advisors, and partners. However, our conflict management expertise can also be accessed via our:

  • Books & Manuals (which you can purchase here or on Amazon)
  • Online Courses (please visit Vistelar Online to learn more about our e-learning opportunities)

If you are a client of Vistelar, you may also be interested in our cards, posters, and apparel.

Non/De-Escalation Card

This two-sided plastic card provides a handy reminder of the main elements of Vistelar’s Non-Escalation/De-Escalation training program. The front includes the framework for the fundamental topics and the back outlines some of the most important tactics.

$2 per card

Physical Alternatives Card

This two-sided plastic card presents the main elements of Vistelar’s Physical Alternative’s program. The front provides an outline of the fundamentals of the training while the back includes a description of the “6 Cs” for managing conflict.

$2 per card

Treat People Right Card

This two-sided plastic card is for handing out to others as a reminder to treat people right. Back side includes the fundamental elements of How to Show People Respect in addition to the Empathy Triad.

$2 per card